View a Survey Completion Summary


The survey tool is utilized in every course in MyFIRE, and it is important for instructors to know which students completed and did not complete survey attempts. This tutorial demonstrates how an instructor can view the survey completion summary to check if students have attempted a specified survey in MyFIRE.  

1.    Loginto MyFIRE.

2.    Navigate to the desired course.

3.    On the navigation bar at the top of the page, select the content & assessments tab.


4.    In the table of contents, select the student acknowledgement & attendance confirmation module.


5.    Next, select the student acknowledgement & attendance confirmation survey title within the module on the right side of the page. 


6.    When the page refreshes, select the completion summary tab on the bottom right of the screen. 


7.    In the bottom half of the screen, a list of students who have and have not completed the specified survey will be visible. 


8.    If needed, filter the view between the all, completed, incomplete, and exempt tabs to view who has and has not completed the survey. 


9.    If there are students who have not completed the survey, make note of the student’s names, and then email these specified students from the Classlist page so that all of the students can be contacted through a single email message.