Create a Survey


Surveys are an excellent way to solicit feedback from participants regarding aspects of a course. For example, the survey tool could be used as a method of researching additional information or prep for an in-class discussion. This tutorial demonstrates how to create a survey in MyFIRE. 

1.    Locate the desired course

2.    From the navigation bar, select course tools. 


3.    A drop-down menu will appear. Select surveys. 


4.    When the page refreshes, select new survey.


5.    Title the survey in the name field. 


6.    If desiring to visually organize the surveys within the Survey tool, select the category from the drop-down menu. 


a.    To create a new category, select add category to the right of the category field.  


7.    If desiring to provide instant feedback to user’s responses, select the give instant feedback checkbox. This option will remove the submit option from a non-editable survey. Any feedback entered for a survey question is instantly available to a user taking the survey.


8.    If desiring to show surveys responses to the class and make the survey responses anonymous, select the make results anonymous checkbox. However, it is recommended to use caution when considering this option due to the responses to survey questions are available for all users. The user data will not be displayed, as the system does not report who made what response, but the students will still be able to see all the results.

Note: Once this option is selected, it is not reversible. Also, a survey cannot be made anonymous if any release conditions have been added to the survey or if any release conditions from other items have added the survey as one of the conditions.


9.    Select view questions to add questions to the survey.

a.    Add questions to the survey by either selecting new or import


10. Once done creating or editing questions in the survey, select done editing questions. 


11. If a survey description and/or a submission message is desired, select the expand description/submission message link to expand and edit the fields. 


a.    Then select on to enable the description and/or a submission message to appear to students’ view. This option is off by default.  

b.    Enter the desired description and submission message in the textbox fields. The default submission message is “You have successfully submitted the survey.” For further instructions on how to utilize the MyFIRE editor, refer to the how to use the MyFIRE Editor tutorial.


12. If a page footer is desired in the survey, select the expand page footer link. 

a.    Then select on to add a page footer. This option is off by default. 

b.    Enter the desired page footer message in the textbox fields. 


13. If inviting the whole class or individual participants in the class to take the survey, select invite participants. Survey invitations are always sent to a user's SEU email address.

a.    When the page refreshes, enter a subject title to the survey invitation. 

b.    Next, edit the body of the survey invite message. The body of the message includes replace strings. Replace Strings allow for the personalization of the message to multiple users at one time automatically. The following replace strings are required in the Body field and should not be removed:

                                               i.     {FirstName}: Automatically replaces with the participant's first name

                                              ii.     {LastName}: Automatically replaces with the participant's last name

                                            iii.     {SurveyLinkStart}: Automatically indicates the beginning of the link to take the survey

                                            iv.     {SurveyLinkEnd}: Automatically indicates the end of the link to take the survey

c.     Select the desired users who should be invited to take the survey by either entering the user’s name in the search bar and selecting the magnifying glass, or by selecting the checkbox next to the user’s username. 


d.    Select submit at the bottom of the page. 


14. When the page refreshes, the survey properties page will be visible. If done editing the survey properties, select the restrictions tab at the top of the page.


15. Deselect the hide from users checkmark to make the survey visible to users. 


16. If desired, set start and end dates and times for the survey availability.  


a.    If a start or end date is selected, select the display in calendar checkbox if desiring to add the dates and times as an event in the calendar. 


17. If desired, add a release condition to the survey by selecting either create a new condition or add an existing condition. A release condition is a prerequisite that the student has to complete prior to viewing and gaining access to the survey. If no prerequisite is required, skip this step.


18. Determine how many attempts each user will have to take the survey by selecting the attempts allowed drop-down menu. The options include: unlimited attempts, a single attempt that is editable, and limited attempts. 


a.    If limited attempts is chosen, the user can take the survey the specified number of times. Each attempt of the survey will be recorded separately. Enter the specified number of attempts


19. If desiring to grant individual or a group of students extra time, grant extra attempts, or restrict access to a specific group of users on the survey, select the preferred type of special access.

a.    Then select add users to special access at the bottom of the page. 


20. Once done setting the survey settings, select save and close.