Enable/Disable Dark Mode in Chrome and Firefox


Sometimes dark mode is needed when working. This feature requires a browser extension to be downloaded to enable dark mode. When dark mode is enabled using this extension it will be applied to all tabs within the chosen browser. This tutorial demonstrates how to enable/disable dark mode in Chrome and Firefox.  


Note: Install and enable this browser extension at your own risk. 

1.     Open Chrome or Firefox

2.     Navigate to:

a.     Chrome: Dark Reader browser extension 

1.     Select Add to Chrome.

2.     In the pop-up window select Add extension.

3.     The extension will load and apply dark mode to your browser. The Dark Reader website will also open in another tab. 

4.     Next, select the puzzle icon in the icon toolbar to expand the extensions mini menu.

5.     In the mini menu, locate the Dark Reader extension in the Full Access section, and select the pin icon. The icon will then show in the icon toolbar next to the puzzle icon.

6.     If the Dark Reader is not listed under the Full Access section, select Manage extensions at the bottom.

7.     If Manage extensions is selected, a new tab will open with your extension library, scroll down and locate the Dark Reader card, and ensure that the slide indicator in the bottom right is turned on (blue).

8.     Next, select the puzzle piece in the icon toolbar, and select the pin icon to add Dark Reader to the toolbar (see step 5). 

9.     To disable: select the Dark Reader icon in the toolbar and select Off. Note: Some web pages will need to be refreshed to update the look and feel. 

10.  Additionally, within the Dark Reader icon, there are additional settings to allow for the perfect modifications to your screen. For further information on these settings, please visit the Dark Reader help site

b.     Firefox: Dark Reader Browser Extension

1.     Select Add to Firefox.

2.     A pop-up window will appear, select Add.

3.     Then, select Okay, Got it.

4.     To toggle the extension on and off, select the puzzle piece icon at the top right of the screen.

5.     Select the Dark Reader extension settings.

6.     Select On or Off at the top of the pop-up window that appears.

7.     The Dark Reader website will show you all the additional options available with the dark mode extension.