Who's Who in Instructional Design & Technology - MyFIRE Team. ID&T Mission: Instructional Design & Technology (ID&T) supports the mission of Southeastern University through the development of engaging course content using research-based practices and learner-centered design, leveraging the full potential of the learning management system (LMS), and the integration of innovative educational technologies to promote a culture of learning and development, to ensure seamless integration and delivery of digital curricula for all university populations and the success of every student.
  MELANIE ROBERTS - Director of Instructional Design and Technology
  Aaron Pendergast - Instructional Designer
Rachel Bossard - Instructional Designer
  Contact idtdevelopment@seu.edu for
assistance with program course development
  Systems/Reporting and Course Prep
  Rachel Zike - Assistant Director Instructional Systems, Technology, & Reporting
Jordan Coffman - Instructional Technology Coordinator
Hope Francia - Instructional Technology Specialist 2
Riley Baird - Instructional Technology Specialist 1
Becca Trefethen - Instructional Technology Specialist 1
Nanako Omae - Systems GA
Contact idtsystems@seu.edu for MyFIRE integrations and reporting assistance.
Contact idtdevelopment@seu.edu for course prep assistance.
  Training and Support
  Melissa Tadlock - Assistant Director Support & Training
Kylie Coffman - Technical Support Specialist
Jenna Clark - Support GA
Taylor Shasteen - Training GA
Contact idtsupport@seu.edu for MyFIRE
technical support questions and training.
  Audrey Miller - Digital Media Specialist II
David Varela - Student Worker
Roque Viegas - Student Worker
Contact idtmedia@seu.edu to schedule a recording for digital media needs pertaining to course development or special projects.