Enroll Users in a Group


Use groups to design special work areas where learners can discuss, share, and submit work as a group. In order to enroll students within a group, a group category must be created. This tutorial demonstrates how to manually enroll students into groups within a course.  

·       If students are changed to a new group after completing group work, then depending on the particular scenario, it is recommended to review the previous course group work to determine if the student has to recomplete the requirements or not. This decision is based on the instructor’s discretion. 


·       If a discussion topic or assignment is associated with a grade item, the student’s discussion post(s) and assignment submission will remain in the old group and do not count towards a user’s grade in the new group. The student will either need to satisfy the discussion post and assignment requirements in the new group or the instructor can manually override the student’s grade in the grade book to reflect the old group’s grade. 

1.    Accessthe desired course in MyFIRE. 

2.    From the navigation bar, select the Course Tools tab


3.    A drop-down menu will appear. Select Groups  


4.    When the page refreshes, locate the desired category. 


5.    Then select the drop-down arrow to the right of the category title. 

6.    A drop-down menu will appear. Select Enroll Users.


7.    When the page refreshes, scroll down and locate the student list on the page. 


8.    Next, select the checkbox to the right of each student to enroll the students in the desired group. 


9.    Then, select save