Utilize Google Workspace in MyFIRE


It is important for instructors to check their SEU email daily as students and SEU departments will communicate with you through your SEU email account. Once your SEU email account is connected to MyFIRE, users will have quicker email access while navigating courses. This tutorial demonstrates how to navigate and utilize Google Workspace in MyFIRE.

1.    Access your MyFIRE account through OneLogin.

2.    Once signed into MyFIRE, on your user homepage, scroll down the page and locate the Google Workplace area. It will be listed to the right of the MyCourses area. 


3.    At the top of the Google Workspace area, a couple of icons will be displayed. 


a.    Gmail- By selecting the Gmail icon, a new browser tab will open allowing you to access your SEU email account and all of its features (including read mail) all on a single page. 

                                               i.     Once finished reviewing your emails, close the browser tab.

b.    Google Calendar- When the calendar icon is selected, a new browser tab will open allowing you to access your SEU calendar. From this page, you can manage your calendar events. 

                                               i.     Once finished reviewing your calendar, close the browser tab.

c.     Google Drive- When the drive icon is selected, a new browser tab will open allowing you to access your SEU drive account. From this page, you can manage your documents and files. 

                                               i.     Once finished reviewing your files, close the browser tab.

d.    Settings- When the settings icon is selected, a pop-up window will appear. A couple of options are available: 

                                               i.     Determine if there are any tools that you would not like to view in your MyFIRE account by unselecting the Show Tabs checkbox for the tool you do not want to see in MyFIRE. Note: All three tools are selected and enabled by default. 

                                              ii.     Determine how you would like to view dates in the Google Workspace area by selecting the desired date format

                                            iii.     Then select save at the bottom of the pop-up window. 


4.    Below the available linked icons, quick views are available for each of the three tools. 

a.    For the Google Mail tab, your ten most recent unread emails will be visible. 

                                               i.     To view a specific email from the list, select the title of the desired email. 


b.    If desiring to send an email, select compose in the top right corner of the Mail page. 

                                               i.     A new browser tab will open to allow you to write and send an email. Compose and send the email as desired. The browser will close on its own but may take a moment to close.  


c.     On the Calendar tab, your ten most recent and upcoming calendar events will appear starting with the current day’s event(s). 

                                               i.     To open a specific calendar event from the tab, select either the date or the event title.  


d.    On the Drive tab, a list of the ten most recent files will be displayed that you or a user you shared a file with have accessed and/or updated. 

                                               i.     To open a specific file, select the file title

                                              ii.     If needing to locate a file not visible on the list, type the file name or any keywords within the file title within the search bar and select searchNote: only files that you created and are the owner of will appear in the search results. 

1.    If needing to locate and access files that are shared with you, select the Google Drive icon at the top of the area to open Google Drive fully in a new browser window. Then search for the file once again. 


5.    At the bottom of each tab, navigate through the available pages of mail, calendar events, and/or files by selecting the left and right arrows or by selecting the desired page number


6.    If desiring to view more than your first 10 unread mail, most recent calendar events, and/or your drive files, select the pagination drop-down menu to change the number of items shown on each tab. Each time you login to MyFIRE, the tabs will default to showing only 10 items per page. Note: Increasing the number of items visible on each tab will extend the length of your page in MyFIRE. Therefore, anything listed under the Google Workspace area will be pushed further down the page.