Create a Matching Question


There are many different types of questions that can be created within a quiz, self-assessment, survey, and question library. The tutorial demonstrates how to create a matching question within MyFIRE.

1.    Locate the desired course in MyFIRE.

2.    Select instructor tools from the navigation bar. 


3.    Then select course admin from the drop-down menu.


4.    Locate and select quizzes from under the Assessment section. 


5.    When the page refreshes, select question library from the quiz navigation bar. 


6.    Once in the Question Library, select new.


7.    Next, select matching question from the drop-down menu.

8.    If desired, give the question a title. The title displays in the question list within the question library.


9.    Add the point value for the question. The default option is set to one.


10. Choose the level of difficulty for the question. The difficulty level options are 1-5 and will be up to the instructor’s discretion. The default option is set to one. 


11. Enter the question prompt in the question text field. For further instructions on the MyFIRE editor textbox, refer to the utilize the MyFIRE editor tutorial.


12. Next, if desired, insert an image. If inserting an image, also ensure that alternative text has been entered to describe the image. Alternative text is important for ADA purposes, including screen-readers. 


13. Under the choices section, select the desired grading calculation. 


14. Enter the choices to prompt the students.       


a.    Add new choice options by entering the number of new choices desired and then select add choice.


15. Enter the matches within the textboxes. 

a.    Add new match options by entering the number of new matches desired and then select add match


16. Correlate the matches with the correct choice


17. Add hints and/or feedback using the expand question hint and the expand question feedback options.


18. Select save.