As an SEU student, you have an opportunity to earn eleven various digital badges throughout your CORE 1111 and CORE 1112 first-year courses. Digital badging is an excellent resource as it can serve as a formal representation or credential of the set of skills you have acquired throughout your work as a student. This tutorial demonstrates how to claim and share your badge in MyFIRE. 


1.     When you receive a 70% or higher on an assignment, it is notated with a badge. See the example text below.

2.     To claim your badge, navigate to the corresponding badge page.

3.     Select the claim code.

4.     Enter your SEU email address in the email field.

5.     Select Continue.

6.     Locate and open the verification code sent to your SEU email address. The email subject line will be ‘Southeastern University Badging email verification code.’

7.     Enter the verification code.

8.     Select Verify.

9.     Fill in the fields to create a Badgr account.

a.     If you already have an account, select login to an existing account at the bottom of the page and skip to step 11.

10.  After you have filled out all of the information, select Create account.

11.  Congratulations! You have earned a badge.

12.  Select the three dots to download, print certificate, remove from Backpack, and view public page. Note: Only select ‘remove from Backpack’ if you would like to delete the badge from your account.

13.  To share your badge, select share in the right-hand corner.

14.  In the pop-up window, select your preferred way of sharing: Link, Social, or HTML.

a.     Select Link to share via a URL.

                                               i.     Copy the unique link to share.

b.     Select Social to share via social media.

                                               i.     Select the desired social media from the list and follow the prompts to post your badge.

c.     Select HTML to share your badge via an embedded code.

                                               i.     Select Card or Badge to choose your preferred sharing view.

15.  Where needed, select Copy and share your badge with your preferred method.