Create an Attendance Scheme


Attendance Schemes can be created to allow instructors to take attendance or track participation within MyFIRE. Multiple schemes can be utilized in one course. However, only one scheme can be connected to a single Attendance Register (a group of meeting sessions) at a time. Attendance schemes can be designed according to the instructor’s attendance preferences. A sample attendance scheme is listed below. This tutorial demonstrates how to create an attendance scheme within MyFIRE.


P - Present 100%

A - Absent 0%

E - Excused Absence 100%

T5 - Tardy by 5 Minutes 95%

T10 - Tardy by 10 Minutes 90%

T15 - Tardy by 15 Minutes 85%

T30 - Tardy by 30 Minutes 70%

1.    Navigate to the desired course in MyFIRE.

2.    Select the course tools tab from the navigation bar. 


3.    A drop-down menu will appear. Select attendance


4.    When the page refreshes, select the attendance schemes tab.


5.    Next, select new scheme.


6.    When the page refreshes, title the scheme in the name field.


7.    Enter the desired symbol for each attendance/participation status in the Symbols column. For example: P will represent Present, A = Absent, L = Late, and E = Excused


8.    Next, in the Status Full Name column, enter the corresponding status full name for each status symbol. 


a.    To add an additional status, enter the (1) number of the additional status symbols, and then select (2) add statuses


9.    Enter the desired percentage score for each status symbol in the assigned % column.


10. Then determine the desired order of the attendance symbols within the scheme by selecting the order drop-down menu for each symbol/status entered.  


11. Select save.


12. When the page refreshes, select close.


13. Once an attendance scheme has been created, navigate to the attendance registers tab to add a register for the course sessions. Please refer to the Track Attendance tutorial for step-by-step directions on how to create an attendance register.