View Instructor Feedback on Assignments


After a professor has graded an assignment, students have the ability to review the feedback on the assignment provided by the instructor. Feedback can be viewed through multiple pages, depending on where the instructor left the feedback. This tutorial will demonstrate how to view feedback provided by an instructor in MyFIRE. 

1.     Navigate to the desired course in MyFIRE. 

2.     Select course tools from the navigation bar.

3.     Then select class progress from the drop-down menu.

4.     Once the page refreshes, scroll down and select assignments.

5.     Next, locate the desired assignment title. To the right of the assignment title, view your grade for the assignment.

6.     Next, select the details drop-down arrow under the assignment title.

7.     Review written feedback left by the instructor, a link to the graded rubric (if one is attached), and the files you submitted to the assignment.

a.     If a rubric has been attached, select the view graded rubric link.

b.     Review the feedback and scores provided through the rubric by the professor. Review both the selected cells for each criterion and any additional feedback provided. 

c.     If you would like to download a copy of the file that you have submitted, select the file title listed in blue under the submission heading. 

Note: You will lose access to your courses as a student 30 days after the end of the course. Therefore, it is best practice to save a copy of your work.

8.     Sometimes, professors leave feedback on your submissions directly within Turnitin. To view this feedback, select the course tools tab at the top of the page in the navigation bar.

9.     From the drop-down menu, select turnitin feedback.

10.  When the page refreshes, select the assignment drop-down menu to locate a specified assignment. 

11.  Once the assignment has been located, select apply.


12.  Under the individual assignment title, select the percentage bar and/or inline feedback.

a.     Once selected, you will be navigated to Turnitin. If a Turnitin User Agreement appears in a pop-up window, select I agree

13.  When the page refreshes, the Turnitin Feedback Studio will appear. To read comments written directly on your assignment, select the blue dialogue (chat) icon on the right-hand side of the page. 

14.  This will allow instructor comments to appear throughout your submission. They will appear in blue font or blue chat bubbles. Select the comments to read them fully.