Convert an Apple HEIC File to an Acceptable Format


When trying to submit an image from an Apple device the image file may be in a HEIC file type. Images saved in the high-efficiency HEIC file formats on Apple devices will not be able to be opened by non-Apple users (including professors). This tutorial demonstrates how students can convert a HEIC file to an acceptable format.  


If you are using a Mac device:

·       To convert the file externally online, ID&T recommends converting HEIC files to JPG files through this Free Online File Converter site. 

·       To bypass the conversion process is to insert your original image into a Google Doc or Word document. Then upload the DOCX or PDF file to an assignment in MyFIRE. 


Steps for converting if you are using an IPhone or IPad:

1.    Before submitting your image in MyFIRE, you will need to change the format of your image. To begin, access your Apple device’s settings


2.    Then select camera


3.    Select formats


4.    Then select most compatible instead of “high efficiency.”


5.    Next, upload the converted file to your assignment or discussion board within your course.